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Welcome to Annyzik Ventures NIG. LTD.

Annyzik Ventures Nigeria Limited is a limited liability company that was established in the year 2006.It has many subsidiaries that takes care of each aspect of our numerous businesses. Annyzik Entertainment (A.E, Music and Film production) is a subsidiary that handles the “Show” business strictly. It is saddled with the responsibility of organizing musical Shows to entertain the public and make them unwind while Annyzik Music Group ( AMG) is saddled with the responsibility of Artiste management and promotion. Annyzik event Management Subsidiary takes care of event Management and coverage of different kind of Events. Annyzik Vocational School (AVS) is a subsidiary that is responsible for the impartation and  development of the “skills that pay the bills”. …Read More

Our Mission

To always provide solution which embeds innovation and creativity; ensuring only excellence results are achieved in the Entertainment, Events and Educational Industries.

Our Vision

 To become the model for innovation and concept Creation thereby staying at the peak in building brand relationship across the industries that we are part of.

Our Core Values

Annyzik is committed to creating positive life changing experiences for everyone that are connected to the organization. Our strategic plans honor those core values.


At Annyzik we provide world class services that get our clients coming for more.

Our Services

Music Prodution

The easier it is to control and manipulate your tools and instruments, the more smoothly a performance can be recorded, edited and produced. We offer a complete music production service from creation of beats to voicing, mixing and mastering.

Event Coverages

Annyzik provides an excellent video and photo creative coverages for all types of events;ranging from weddings, naming ceremonies, birthdays, house warmings to burials.


Photography has become an essential component of many areas of science. We preserve the important events and people in our lives. The ceremonies of end of the year parties, birthdays, weddings,marriage anniversaries, political rallies,church crusades and new house celebrations are all recorded because they matter.

Our Portfolio

Over the years we have done fantastic work and we are proud to share our portfolio with our clients and customers

Elviz Blase Live in Calabar

A wedding Thriler

Photo shoot

Vocational skills typically refer to skills and occupations that you gain toward becoming knowledgeable in a specific trade or profession. Acquiring one or two vocational skills is a vital first step to entrepreneurship. Most successful business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria started by acquiring a vocational skill or training that is in high demand in the society. Our Vocational Training  is design to turn our student into employer’s of Labour

Vocational Training